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Rabu, Disember 02, 2009


Homographs are different words that are spelt the same. They have different meanings and origins. Homographs may or may not have the same pronunciations.

  • bow
The actors came back on stage and took a bow.
He learned to hunt with a bow and arrow.

  • bulb
Father needs to change the bulb for this lamp.
If you plant these bulbs, they’ll grow into lily plants.

  • court
Sports like squash and tennis are usually played on a court.
Everyone stood up when the judge entered the court.

  • close
Close your eyes and count to ten.
Please keep close to the path, it’s easy to get lost.

  • content
Soft drinks have a high sugar content.
I was content just to stay at home and read.

  • contract
Your muscles will contract if you get cold.
The new export contract is worth RM16million.

  • desert
He was planning to desert his family and go abroad.
It hasn’t rained in this part of the desert for years.

  • lead
Just follow the signs and they will lead you to the exit.
Gold is heavier than lead.

  • live
I live in Taman Seri Putra.
The football match will be aired live at 3.00 am.

  • minute
Can I speak to you for a minute, Mr. Trent?
We’ve got a small house with a minute garden.

  • object
This small stone object is over 5000 years old.
I strongly object to these cuts in public spending.

  • present
Mother bought many presents for Christmas.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present David Blaine.

  • project
The housing project will create 5000 new homes.
He’s trying to project a more confident image.

  • refuse
I won’t do it – I absolutely refuse!
Put empty bottles here and other refuse in the bin.

  • row
I had a blazing row with my girlfriend last night.
I looked quickly along the row of books.

  • sound
The creaking sound scare the children.
After all these years, I’m not sure whether the building is sound or not.

  • tear
She noticed a tear in the corner of his eye.
To open the packet, tear along the dotted line.

  • used
There used to be a farm here, years ago.
Explosives were used to enter the building.

  • watch
She watched the movie attentively.
This watch was bought by my father.

  • wind
Wind speeds reached 102mph last night.
You have to wind the handle to the left.

  • wound
He wound the rope around his arm.
In the fight, one young man received a knife wound.

Try to complete these sentences below. You have to fill in the blanks with appropriate homographs.
1. Tracey didn’t feel _______________ after falling into the _______________.
2. Jim hunts, but he _______________ not shoot _______________.
3. There was a big _______________ in the first _______________ of the theatre.
4. Let’s _______________ up the kite string before the _______________ gets too wild.
5. If the judges are _______________, our rabbit will win a ribbon at the _______________.

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