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Sabtu, Januari 16, 2010

How to Score English (Paper 1) in UPSR

You have 50 minutes to answer this paper.

There are 5 sections to be mastered and tackled wisely during the examination.

You have to answer all the questions (40 questions with multiple choice answers).


In order to improve, you have to…


(10 questions)

  • You will be tested on your vocabulary level.
  • Improve your vocabulary. You have to upgrade your level of words from time to time.
  • Learn at least one new word a day.
  • Look up the meanings of words that you don’t understand in the dictionary.
  • During examination, read each question carefully and seek for the most appropriate answer. You will face difficulties if your vocabulary level is low.


(5 questions)

  • You will be tested on Language & Social Expressions.
  • Be familiar with common social expressions.
  • Read the questions. Understand the dialogue from each picture. Then, look for the correct response from the choices of answers provided.
  • Make sure that each social expression is followed with suitable response.


(10 questions)

  • You will be tested on your grammar, punctuations and spelling.
  • Develop your grammar understanding on major topics like adjectives, subject-verb agreements, prepositions and conjunctions.
  • Make sure that you are good in spelling too. Avoid confusion as you will lose marks.


(5 questions)

  • You will be given a passage with several blanks that you need to complete.
  • Read the whole passage once.
  • Check the tenses of the passage. If the sentences are in present tense, all your answer must be in present tense and vice versa.
  • Pick the correct answers from the choices provided.


(10 questions)

  • You are given two comprehension passages with questions to be answered.
  • Read at least twice and try to understand the passage. Read the questions given and look up for the answers in the passage. Read all the choices (A,B,C and D), then only pick the most accurate one.

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