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Selasa, Januari 12, 2010

Worksheet on Articles

Try these questions. If you need assistance, refer to the notes here.

Fill in the blanks with ‘a’, ‘an’, or ‘the’ where NECESSARY. Otherwise leave the space empty.

1. Would you like to have __________ cup of hot Milo and __________ piece of cake?

2. I bought __________ piece of __________ cloth yesterday. It cost three ringgit __________ metre.

3. This is not __________ book I want. This is __________ one I want. It is on __________ top of __________ shelf.

4. I live in __________ semi-detached house at __________ end of __________ Orchid Road.

5. __________ cousin of mine had four dogs and __________ cat. One of __________ dog is __________ Alsatian; __________ cat is __________ Siamese one.

6. My father is in __________ hospital now. He met with __________ accident on __________Friday.

7. __________ axe is __________ useful weapon. You can use it either to chop __________ wood or to kill __________ wild animals like __________ cavemen used to do.

8. We can’t play __________ football today. __________ ground is flooded after __________ rain.

9. Take __________ chair and make yourself at __________ home. My brother will be back in half an hour.

10. That is __________ man that I told you about just now.

11. Last night he had __________ bad headache. I gave her __________ aspirin and __________ glass of __________ water. After __________ while she felt better and went to __________ bed.

12. There is __________ dog lying outside the gate. __________ dog is hurt.

13. We have climbed __________ Mount Kinabalu but not __________ Andes.

14. That is __________ most beautiful dress that I have.

15. This is __________ opportunity to use your skills.

16. Do we have __________ chance to buy __________ unit like yours?

17. That is __________ boy who broke __________ window.

18. Do you want __________ small box or __________ colourful one on display?

19. She has __________ illness. She needs __________blue pill in the bag.

20. We are travelling on __________ Kesas Highway.

21. Please pass __________ salt to me. I want __________ soup to be __________ little saltier.

22. __________magazine you want is very expensive.

23. Rosie can play __________ flute.

24. What is __________capital of Sweden?

25. I had a cup of tea and an ice-cream. __________tea was terrible.

26. They got __________girl and __________ boy.

27. She sent me __________letter and __________ present but __________letter didn’t arrive.

28. Have you met Sherrina? She’s __________ friend of mine.

29. I bought Rasyeed __________new jacket last week but yesterday two of __________buttons were missing. I’m taking it back to __________shop.

30. I had __________bath this morning but __________water was a bit cold.

Download the worksheet here.

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