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Isnin, November 07, 2011

SPM Essay - My Dream House

Not many students go through their teenage years without dreaming, thinking or simply imagining what their dream house would be like. I started dreaming of my dream house at the tender age of seven when I accompanied my father to the outskirts of London to visit a distant aunt. Her house was the picture of tranquility. That quaint little cottage set the standard for my dream house.

I imagined a house with a large garden in front where my gardener would plant the most beautiful flowers of every shade imaginable. I would, of course, be able to pick the flowers I liked to arrange them in my house. My house would have six spacious bedrooms, an ample dining hall that would set twenty people comfortably, a warm and well-equipped kitchen as I enjoy cooking and all modern comforts I have been used to.

Each room would then be decorated according to specific colour schemes. It would sound so English to have room named after the colour. For instance, The Blue Room, The Red Room and so forth. I believe that my favourite room will be the kitchen. I would paint it in hues of blue and yellow that will instantly cheer up any visitors or members of the house. Warm and comforting aromas will always float up from this room, reminding the occupants of the house, of pleasurable memories and delicious food.

It would be a place anyone would feel comfortable to hang out in or simply sit down with a hot drink and the funnies. Besides, my kitchen would be huge, with counters that never looked dirty and stainless steel appliances that never showed any fingerprints. The dishwasher would be so quiet and you would never realize that it was even running. My pantry would be big enough to hold everything, expanding in size to fit in new groceries. The cabinets would have special holders for all the sippy cup lids and the Tupperware lids would never get lost.

My bedroom would somehow always stay clean and would have enough storage for all my things and belongings. My bed would automatically make itself or I would have the best maid to make the bed for me. I must have a huge-organized walking closet for all my clothes, bags and shoes. I will definitely have a king-size bed with the best mattress that won't hurt my back and the most comfortable pillows.

My bathroom should have a bathtub. The bathtub would never show dirty rings and the toilets would never smell. The mirrors would make you look ten pounds - no, twenty pounds lighter and can hide every wrinkle and grey hair. Toothpaste would automatically rinse itself out of the sink and the floors would be the kind that you never have to mop. I don't think these are too much to ask.

As I think about what I want in my dream house, I realize that most of them will never come true. But the best part of any home isn't what is inside it, but who is inside it. And lucky for me, I have plenty of love to fill my new house. But those magical bathroom mirrors sure would be nice!

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  3. you essay so great, i could imagine it...hehe

  4. Ur essay is so great,no correct mistake in ur essay,so ur essay is perfectly.


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