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Isnin, Mac 05, 2012

Essay - A Gotong - royong

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          On 26 February this year, the Teen Club conducted a gotong royong at Kampung Melor playground. The main aim of the gotong-royong was to clean and beautify the compound of the playground. About fifty of the members with two club advisors, showed up and gathered at the playground at 8.30 am.

          The playground was in bad condition. The grass was very long. There was rubbish everywhere. There was rubbish even on the slides and under the swings. We divided our duties systematically and got to work. Members were divided into a few groups. We mowed the grass. We trimmed the bushes and cleared away all dead leaves and branches. Then, we swept and cleaned the grounds. One group painted the swings, slides and see-saws with bright and cheerful colours. Our advisors helped them.

         At 1.30 pm, we all took a break and had our lunch. The residents of Kampung Melor generously sponsored our meal for that day. We had a mouth – watering nasi beriani with refreshing ice – tea to quench our thirst.

            After that, we fixed some new large litter bins at the playground. Another group planted pretty plants and flowering shrubs along the sides of the field. Finally, we fixed a large sign at the edge of the playground. The sign read, ‘Keep Our Playground Clean’.

          We finished our work by 5.30 pm. By that time, all of us were worn out. However, it was a worthy effort as the playground looked pretty, neat and tidy. A sense of satisfaction filled our heart. We had done a good job and a good deed for the community. We really hope that the community especially the residents of Kampung Melor will do their parts to maintain the playground by not littering.

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