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Khamis, Mac 20, 2014

English Expressions Using the Word 'Look'

Hi, kids! Let's learn phrasal verbs and other English expressions using the word 'look'.

  • Look after - watch; look out for; support; to follow with the eye, as someone or something moves away; to take care of; to minister to. E.g. She looks after the child.
  • Look alive - to be quick.
  • Look back - to review events; return in thought.
  • Look blue - to look troubled and depressed.
  • Look daggers - to look angrily; to look at someone with a furious, menacing expression.
  • Look down on (upon) - to despise; to regard with scorn or disain; have contempt for. E.g. Honest people look down on cheating.
  • Look down one's nose at - to regard with an over-bearing attitude of superiority, disdain or censure.
  • Look for - to seek; to expect; search; follow; look after.
  • Look forward - to anticipate with eagerness or pleasure; to await with pleasure.
  • Look in (into) - to look brifly inside of.
  • Look in on - to visit a person, place, etc; briefly; E.g. I looked in on a friend.
  • Look into - inquire into; investigate; examine. E.g. They need to look into that problem.
  • Look on - to stand by and watch; regard; consider; to be a spectator.
  • Look out - look to the outside; to be on guard; to take watchful care; search for; look up; be concerned about. E.g. Please look out for your health.
  • Look out - place of advantage; outlook; view; prospect; watcher; watchman.
  • Look over - to examine; especially briefly or superficially. E.g. He looked over his paper before handing it up.
  • Look sharp - to be alert and quick.
  • Look through - penetrate; solve.
  • Look to - to give attention to; to direct one's expectations or hopes to; to depend or rely on. E.g. Look to your belongings. We look to you for help.
  • Look up - (informal)to direct the eyes upward; raise one's glance; to become better or more prosperous; improve; to search for or seek out. E.g. Things are looking up. They looked up the arrival time of the train.
  • Look upon (on) - to consider; regard; to observe or behold.
  • Look up to - to regard with admiration or respect; esteem; think highly of; defer to; think much of. E.g. We look up to our parent.

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