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Ahad, April 27, 2014

English Expressions Using The Word 'On'


  • On account - on credit; payable; credited.
  • On account of - since; for the sake of; because; for the reason that.
  • On and off - now and then; sometimes; seldom; infrequently.
  • On and on - at great length; so as to become tiresome.
  • On board - aboard; loaded; shipped; in transit.
  • On call - ready; handy; alerted; available.
  • On file - at hand; recorded; preserved.
  • On fire - burning; on flame; afire; blazing.
  • Ongoing - continuous; regular; in process; open-ended.
  • On hand - present; in stock; available.
  • On occasion - sometimes; at certain times; occasionally.
  • On one hand - from one viewpoint; from one direction; one part of the question.
  • On one's hands - in one's care; responsible; responsible for.
  • On and about - at about; approximately; in the vicinity of.
  • On or before - at about the time of; prior to; in anticipation of.
  • On purpose - knowingly; meaningfully, conciously; deliberately.
  • On sale - at a cut rate; reduced; marked down; at a bargain.
  • On second thought - as an afterthought; after much consideration; incidentally.
  • On the air - broadcasting; going on; in progress.
  • On the ball - (slang) able; alert; competent.
  • On the contrary - on the other side; on the other hand; conversely; contrasting.
  • On time - prompt; punctual; on schedule.
  • On to - aware of the true nature; motive or meaning of.

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