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Selasa, Julai 01, 2014

Phrasal Verbs - Some Common Examples

Prepositions combined with verbs to form phrasal verbs. They are made up of two or more words which have a single, special meaning. These are some of the examples.

Phrasal Verb
break down
become useless
My car broke down on my way to work.
break in/into
enter by force
Thieves broke into his house yesterday.
break off
pause, stop, end
They have broken off their friendship.
break up
The prefect broke up the fight between the two boys.
get away
The robber got away from the police.
get away with
go unpunished
Although he cheats, he gets away with it.
get on
make progress
How are you getting on in your new job?
get over
recover from
Amin has got over the death of his mother.
get through
All the students got through the final examination.
give away
Puan Aishah gave away the prizes.
give in
He refused to give in though he was wrong.
give out
come to an end
The food supply gave out quickly.
give up
The terrorists gave up after a long fight.
give way
yield, allow priority
Give way to traffic on the right.
go after
chase, pursue
The brave boy went after the thief.
go by
I go by the hospital on my way to work.
go down
The ship went down after it was hit.
go up
The prizes of houses have gone up.
go with
This shirt that not go with those pants.
keep away from
Keep away from bad companion.
keep back
He’s keeping back something from me.
keep on
He kept on trying until he got it right.
keep out
stay outside
The fence keeps out stray dogs.
keep up with
keep pace with
I could not keep up with his fast walk.
look into
The council will look into their problems.
look out
be careful
Look out! The tree is going to fall.
look up
Look up the meaning in the dictionary.
look up to
Rashid looks up to his father.
put down
The government put down the rebellion.
put off
The meeting was put off until tomorrow.
put on
Put on your hat for it’s hot.
put through
Operator, please put me through to this number.
put up with
I will not put up with his rude behaviour.
take down
write down
Did you take down what the teacher said?
take in
I was taken in by her sweet talk.
take on
He took on the job of manager recently.
take up
I am going to take up karate.

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