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Khamis, Disember 29, 2016

Poem What is Red? - Literal and Figurative Meaning

Literature Form 2
What is Red? 

Literal Meaning
The poem talks of the colour, red, and the things that are red in colour or are associated with red. When we look at certain elements of nature like sunset and  flowers, we see the colour red. Red is associated with certain human feelings like embarrassment, anger and the feeling of being courageous. Common things in our surroundings and which relate to our senses of sight, touch and hearing are either red or tinged with red like firecrackers,fire-engine, fire and lipstick. A native American is called a Red Indian and so is a heart which is in love. A circus cart is decorated with red buntings. One's face turns red when one shouts and road signs to give warnings of danger are symbolically red. The colour red is impressive and widely used and it looks proud. It is beyond imagination if this world without the colour red.

Figurative Meaning

In this world, people are all the same irrespective of their background, race or religion. We may be different in appearance, size and be named according to our functions or work that we do. We can also be named or labelled according  to a particular aspect of our appearance. Circumstances may make us display different reactions like embarrassment or anger. However, all of us enjoy a similar trait. Some elements of nature may also enjoy this trait. We all have a life and  this helps us to communicate and value each other. Whether we are humans or elements of nature, we are likely to give warnings of danger when the situation warrants it. Humans should value nature as nature provide humans with the resources to survive. Life for man and nature is important and should be valued.

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