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Ahad, Januari 22, 2017

[Literature Form One] Poem Sad I Ams - Literal and Figurative Meaning

Literature Form One 
Poem Sad I Ams 

Literal and Figurative Meaning

Literal Meaning

There are things around us that we do not want to keep or use any longer. The persona says he is comparable to disposable household things and food; the metal ring from an empty drink can, the broken part of an old toy or food scrapings from a pot which are disposed daily.  Some things have no value if they are not workable or in their original state.  An envelope with no gum is not sealable. Sellotape that cannot be peeled off, a stapler without a staples, a bulldog clip without a spring or a dried-up liquid paper is of no use.  The persona feels neglected like the stamped address reply, that the writer forgot to send out. When things are not maintained and taken care of, they become unworkable.  The persona feels that way like a flat battery. A starter that cannot ignite, a bald tyre, a non-working spark plug, a dirt-choked carburettor and a dull-looking chromium trim.  A car with these parts is of no use to the owner and the persona feels the same way.  The persona feels like a neglected garden, a library book that is not read, a stray that is not fed or an advice that is totally ignored.  Basically, he feels rejected, useless, not cared for and has no place within the family and society.  The persona could be an orphan in an orphanage.

Figurative Meaning

In daily life, regardless of when we are with family, friends, at a workplace or when mingling with society, we may feel unwanted and unneeded in many different ways.  One feels that one is disposable if one feels like an unloved member of a family, being given a cold shoulder by a friend or labelled as an unproductive worker in a workplace. There is no self-worth as one can be got rid of whenever the opportunity arises.  A person who is not contributing to the growth of a family or society may feel unwanted.  One may even be ignored or side-lined even if one is willing to try again. A family can grow well and prosper only if every member plays his or her part.  Each and every member must be nurtured and encouraged or inspired to make this contribution.  So, one should not be complacent and let things slide if one does not want to be overlooked and left to one’s devices. This is the time when one should wake up and work or else will definitely be neglected or abandoned.

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