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Khamis, Mac 20, 2014

Three Blind Mice

This nursery rhyme can be a great activity for your kids. In a way, you can keep reminding them about 'mice' being the plural for 'mouse' :) Show them this video and at the end of the lesson you can ask them to draw a poster of the mice.

Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice
Three blind mice
See how they run
See how they run
They all ran after the farmer's wife
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife
Did you ever see such a sight in your life
As three blind mice
As three blind mice 

You can also have a sing-a-long session. Play any musical instruments and ask the kids to sing with you. I have guitar chords (easy one, trust me!) for this song. Will upload the chords later.

Updated 2nd April 2014

Guitar Chords for 'Three Blind Mice'.

Prefixes and Suffixes (Notes)

Prefixes and suffixes are group of letters added to the root word to change its meaning

Prefixes - added to the beginning of a root word.

1. dis -
not, opposite of
disrespect, dishonest, disagree, disconnect
2. un -
not, reverse action, deprive of, release from
unable, undo, unhappy
3. mis -
misrepresent, misdirect
4. il -
not, opposite of
5. im -
not, opposite of
impatient, impolite, impossible
6. in -
not, opposite of
incorrect, incomplete
7. ir-
not, opposite of
irregular, irrelevant
8. re-
do again
rewrite, reorganize
9. non -
not connected with
non-programmable, non-Muslim
10. sub-
subschema, subcontract

Suffixes - added to the end of a root word.

1. -en
to make or become, to cause or come to have, made of
harden, widen
2. -ful,
full of or characterized by, tending to or able to
helpful, careful
3. -tion
being the act or state of being
conversion, attention, compilation
4. -less
without, not able to
careless, helpless
5. -ness
quality or state, condition of
6. -ly
in the manner of
happily, logically, helpfully
7. -ship
condition or state
relationship, partnership
8. -able, -ible
capable of being
comparable, divisible
9. -ous
like, full of
dangerous, disastrous
10. -ish
yellowish, childish

I will upload the exercise for this topic later.

English Expressions Using the Word 'Look'

Hi, kids! Let's learn phrasal verbs and other English expressions using the word 'look'.

  • Look after - watch; look out for; support; to follow with the eye, as someone or something moves away; to take care of; to minister to. E.g. She looks after the child.
  • Look alive - to be quick.
  • Look back - to review events; return in thought.
  • Look blue - to look troubled and depressed.
  • Look daggers - to look angrily; to look at someone with a furious, menacing expression.
  • Look down on (upon) - to despise; to regard with scorn or disain; have contempt for. E.g. Honest people look down on cheating.
  • Look down one's nose at - to regard with an over-bearing attitude of superiority, disdain or censure.
  • Look for - to seek; to expect; search; follow; look after.
  • Look forward - to anticipate with eagerness or pleasure; to await with pleasure.
  • Look in (into) - to look brifly inside of.
  • Look in on - to visit a person, place, etc; briefly; E.g. I looked in on a friend.
  • Look into - inquire into; investigate; examine. E.g. They need to look into that problem.
  • Look on - to stand by and watch; regard; consider; to be a spectator.
  • Look out - look to the outside; to be on guard; to take watchful care; search for; look up; be concerned about. E.g. Please look out for your health.
  • Look out - place of advantage; outlook; view; prospect; watcher; watchman.
  • Look over - to examine; especially briefly or superficially. E.g. He looked over his paper before handing it up.
  • Look sharp - to be alert and quick.
  • Look through - penetrate; solve.
  • Look to - to give attention to; to direct one's expectations or hopes to; to depend or rely on. E.g. Look to your belongings. We look to you for help.
  • Look up - (informal)to direct the eyes upward; raise one's glance; to become better or more prosperous; improve; to search for or seek out. E.g. Things are looking up. They looked up the arrival time of the train.
  • Look upon (on) - to consider; regard; to observe or behold.
  • Look up to - to regard with admiration or respect; esteem; think highly of; defer to; think much of. E.g. We look up to our parent.