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Ahad, Januari 22, 2017

[Literature Form One] Poem Sad I Ams - Settings

Literature Form One 
Poem Sad I Ams 

In the present

  • In a common household
  • In places like a trash bin, a kitchen sink or floor, a playroom, an office, a car workshop, a garden, a library, a street.

[Literature Form One] Poem Sad I Ams - Literary Devices

Literature Form One 
Poem Sad I Ams 

Literary Devices

  • Metaphor

The entire poem consists of metaphors where the persona thinks he is in common with unwanted and useless things such as:
 i. the ring from the empty can
ii. a toothless stapler
iii. dried up liquid paper

  • Imagery

There are clearly a number of vivid images that the poet portrayed in our minds throughout the poem:
i. the scrapings from an unwanted porridge pan
ii. the severed arm of last year’s Action Man
iii. the chromium trim from which the shine has gone
iv. a tyre on which the tread is worn

  • Repetition

i. The phrase “ I am” is repeated at the beginning of every stanza to emphasize the feelings of the poet. This is significant as each object has a life of its own and is loudly asserting its existence.
ii. The word “no one” is repeated in lines 5,7 and 9 in stanza four.

  • Personification

i. the carburetor choked itself by bits of dirt
ii. the toothless stapler

  • Symbol

i. scrapings from an unwashed porridge pan - symbolic of something left behind and utterly useless.
ii. the Sellotape where you can’t find the end - symbolic of the feelings of frustration.

  • Irony

i. the battery in which no charge is left - It is ironic that a battery which is supposed to give life to the engine is without 'charge' or power.
ii. a library book that no one ever reads - It is ironic as book is meant to be read.

  • Pun (a form of word play that suggests two or more meanings.

the sparkling sign of spark - a play on the word 'spark'.

  • Assonance 

i. unwashed porridge pan
ii. an empty Cola can

  • Alliteration
i. that mars instead of mends
ii. the gum is gone

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[Literature Form One] Poem Sad I Ams - Language and Style | Tone, Mood and Atmosphere | Rhyme and Rhythm

Literature Form One 
Poem Sad I Ams

Language and Style | Tone, Mood and Atmosphere | Rhyme and Rhythm

Language and Style
  • The poem consists of four stanzas.
  • The style is simple and direct - written as a description of how the person feeling sad, neglected and unwanted.
  • The language is simple and easy to understand.

Tone, Mood and Atmosphere


  • Desolation, sadness - the persona feels sad and takes a serious view about feeling lost.


  • Loneliness - this feeling of loneliness is prevalent in the poem.
  • Nostalgic and regretful - abandonment and neglect give rise to feelings of nostalgia and regret. It is disappointing to feel neglected and unloved.

Rhyme and Rhythm
  • The poem does not have a fixed rhyme scheme.
  • Written in four stanzas: Stanza 1 -  7 lines, Stanza 2 - 11 lines, Stanza 3 - 7 lines, Stanza 4 - 9 lines
  • The poem has uneven line lengths.
  • The rhyming pattern is not consistent.

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